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Roby 1800 Box

Box is an automatic casemaker which can produce:

Roby 1800 Box is an automatic casemaker which can produce:


  • single-piece cases, usually grooved;

  • three-piece cases for hard cover books;

  • cases made of up to five pieces, for special jobs such as religious books;

  • cases with full or half lining;

  • Max. size 1000 x 600 mm;

  • Max. mechanical speed: 24 books per minute.

At the delivery of the Roby 1800 Box it is possible to connect a unit for the application of magnets - Magneton.

Macchina per applicare Magneti alla scatole, inserire magneti nel cartone,


Automatic machine for the insertion of up to four magnets into pre-punched holes on cases. It is connected at the delivery of the Roby 1800 Box casemaker.
Ideal for production of boxes with wrap-around cases or RevoBox foldable boxes.


Automatic machine for the application of double-sided adhesive tape onto the RevoBox foldable boxes. It is connected in-line with the Roby 1800 Box casemaker.

Roby One Box

Gluing and mounting machine which allows gluing of "wings" onto cases.

  • Two-up gluing device;

  • A device to mount a tray onto a case.



Automatic device to mount up to two boxes simultaneously onto 5-piece cases.

The machine is composed of:

  • an automatic case feeder;

  • a hot melt unit;

  • a box positioning station;

  • delivery.

Box size: 50 x 50 x 10 cm.
Max. mechanical speed: 1200 cycles per hour.

It is possible to connect this unit in line with any kind of tray making machine.


Automatic station for gluing of wings inside 5-piece cases in order to obtain a RevoBox foldable box.

The machine is composed of:

  • an automatic case feeder;

  • a hot melt unit;

  • a station for the application of wings;

  • a wing folding station;

  • a delivery.

Max. mechanical speed: 1200 pieces per hour.



Cardboard grooving machine which produces neither noise nor dust. It allows production of cases and/or boxes with a square angle. Upon request the machine can be supplied with an automatic unloading system which piles boards directly onto a europallet (see photo).


A solution for the production of rigid luxury boxes, both those with a lid as well as those with a wrap-around case. The Bonsai line was developed especially for short and medium runs.

It is composed of:

  • A gluing and mounting machine (both for boxes as well as 5-piece cases);

  • an automatic box wrapping machine;

  • a unit that turns in the case from all four sides;

  • possibility to insert magnets on the case;

  • inside lining of the case.


An automatic machine which inserts a thermoformed tray into a box. It can also apply a die-cut piece of board which serves to cover the tray.

The unit is composed of:

  • a tray feeder;

  • a system to forward and stop the box in perfect register.

Max. mechanical speed: 1200 pieces per hour.



A machine for automatic filling of boxes with thermoformed trays.

It is composed of:

  • a Delta robot programmed by lead-through teaching;

  • up to 5 product feeding channels;

  • box transport system with stop in perfect register;

  • possibility to apply the lid onto the box and other functions.

Max. mechanical speed: 3000 pieces per hour.


Automatic line composed of:

  • C.I.P. : RevoBox maker  (specific details above).

  • Tray: thermoform denester and inserter.

  • Hawk: Robotic Box filler with teaching by demonstration programming.

Max. mechanical speed of the line : 900 pieces per hour.
Possibility to apply the lid onto the box and other functions.


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