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Fold Flat Rigid Box Design

Fold Flat Rigid Box Design

Folding Gift Box

Folding Gift Box

Fold Flat Rigid Box, Lowers Shipment Costs, Looks Good, Structural Integrity

Fold Flat Rigid Box, Lowers Shipment Costs, Looks Good, Structural Integrity

Ceco Box Assembly

The cecobox is a flat supplied rigid box

Fold Flat Base With Lid

Rigid box with fold flat base for lower cost shipment, with shallow lid. Structural integrity.

Folding Box For Custom Packaging

There are two designs, at Peek Packaging we are able to custom make these boxes for your particular needs. Walk into any Wal-Mart, Costco, or Target and look around. You will find printed chipboard boxes everywhere. Chances are, some of those chipboard folding cartons

Japanese Hidden Compartment Box

How to construct a hidden compartment box

Premium Black Folding Wine Boxes

These rigid black leatherette wine boxes offer state of the art manufacturing and include a hidden magnetic closure

Custom promotional marketing kit for Sunrise Packaging. Custom made for perspective clients and sample purposes.

Custom promotional marketing kit for Sunrise Packaging. Custom made for perspective clients and sample purposes. Kit features: turned edge cigar box with foil stamp, thermoformed plastic tray, flashpad with graphic design and a custom printed USB credit card flash drive.

Custom Die-Cut Foam

Featuring different examples of using custom foam to add value to high end, turned edge packaging solutions. Perfect for retail packaging, sales kits and display, as well as small marketing promotional products.

Custom USB Packaging

One of Sunrise Packaging's best selling items, the Flashpad™ is a standardized USB case made with a turned edge flat and custom die-cut foam. Customizable with digital print, textured fibers, and different color foam options, the Flashpad™ is the perfect solutions for marketing campaigns, event promotions, and information distribution.

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